About Me

Who am I?


When I first set out on my journey to get into great shape, it proved to be very difficult due to all the false information given by the media as well as various prominent fitness professionals. This can be an agonising experience having all the determination and motivation in the world to get started on the right path, but without the correct information it is an impossible task and can become very disheartening. I hope I can share with you all my fun and exciting tips on how to look sexy, feel great and, most importantly, to be healthy.

When I began, a number of questions were rushing through my head; Should I lift weights? Will they make me huge physically? Do carbs make you fat?

Is cardio good or bad? Do protein shakes have steroids? I had a million and one questions, but after years of research, I was lucky enough to finally find the answers. All my knowledge worked really well for me.

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I’ve decided to share what I have learned throughout my journey with others who have the same passion.

Best of
luck in
goals and

Krystle Champagne